Behind the Scenes

Hello Readers!

Maybe some of you have read my blogs and thought, “Why is she writing about this? She is so random…” Well, yes, I am a decently random person, but the reason I created this blog was because my college professor told me to. Creating a blog was a requirement for the college English course which I have most recently taken.

When I first discovered that I would have to create a blog, I was… nervous. Although I am part of a generation that loves technology, I myself have not had much technology in my life until recently. I remember waiting for my mom to get off the phone so I could check my email, which took easily 5 minutes just to load (here’s to you, everyone who remembers slow dial-up issues or still deals with such problems!). But despite my lack of technological knowledge/experience, I have enjoyed learning the blogging process.

Because this blog was designed for purpose of education (part of my college writing course), most of the blogs were adapted from essays I had written earlier in the course. In order to adapt these essays into a more blog-friendly atmosphere, I spent a lot of time mixing up my sentences and dividing the information into separate, smaller paragraphs. Often, I ended up reading through my essay, then just writing down the points that I found to be the most interesting or important to the subject. I have to admit, writing blogs is much easier said than done!DSC_0330 (3)

Throughout the writing of these essays, I focused a lot on logical reactions to the information that I was presented with (Logos). While writing I tend to think, “Okay, this is the information I have… So… what does this mean?” As I focused on trying to discover the what and why of the subject matter, finding the logic behind it seemed… well, logical! I tended to use a lot of credibility (Ethos) to back up claims and further discover the why. I think that logic and credibility really went hand in hand here to make the writing more orderly.

Even some emotional reactions and states of mind made it into my essays (Pathos), but I think it showed up more prominently while writing the blog posts. I believe that I tended to focus a little more on the emotional connections that people have to certain subjects and their reactions because emotional connections are sometimes the strongest. It is something that is easy to relate to and I want my blog posts to be as relatable as possible.

In these last few blog posts, I have tried to make the posts both visually appealing and reader-friendly… which I found to be much harder than I originally expected. I also wanted enough conversational language that the text was interesting, while still being informative or thought provoking. I love photos and box quotes too! Overall, although I am still very new to blogging, I have found it to be a fun activity that I will likely continue on a non-scholastic basis.DSC_0108


Hope everyone has enjoyed this journey as much as I have!

– Melodi Johnson



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