“My Own Little World”

Me, myself, and I. That’s right, the good ol’ #1! Are you the only one in your world? Sounds lonely…

…But very one of us has probably had a time in our lives where we were just looking out for ourselves. Sometimes I honestly feel like I have to look out for just myself in order to keep my sanity. But that is not a state of mind that I really want to stay in for any long period of time. The question is, “How do I learn to think about other people and not just myself?”

Matthew West wants us to learn how. West says of his song “My Own Little World,”


“This is the song that talks about how the thousands of stories you [West’s listeners and fans] sent opened my eyes and my heart to see the world outside my door through the eyes of my savior, through the eyes of compassion.”
 (Jesus Freak Hideout)


If the song was inspired by such a great concept, then maybe it deserves a closer look. Who knows, maybe West is on to the solution to the problem of self-centeredness.

Throughout the song, West tells the story of a man (presumably himself) as he tries to discover just what exactly is outside his little own little zone of attention. As the song continues we can see that the man is learning compassion. CLICK HERE to see West’s official music video for this song.

West’s album (cover) for “My Own Little World”



1. Compassion

The man in the song doesn’t totally realize that he is leaning to have compassion, but maybe we don’t always realize it in our own lives either. How often do we go through hard situations and complain out how rough we have it, forgetting that (just maybe) there is a lesson that we need to learn?

West wants people to help each other out, but it is also important that we control our lethargic life styles, so beware. We have to make sure that we keep ourselves motivated.

One thing that might help motivate you is the idea of living a more fulfilled life…


2. Fulfilled living

West makes in clear throughout the song that feeling compassion for others is an important part of having a fulfilled life. Helping other people makes life more fulfilling and opens your emotions to others.

When he reached out to the homeless woman, it opened up a whole new experience to him. He expresses that in order to find life purpose and happiness, we need to have compassion.

Turns out there is more to life that just me, myself, and I.


3. Missing out

When you cannot see the big picture and the things going on around you, you are missing out. Not on just losing some of the enjoyment life should bring, but also losing out on the blessing that you can be to others. Although “living” is supposed to be a full-fledged, enjoyable and rewarding thing, “missing out” is obviously not living to the fullest extent.

West encourages people to find “greater purpose” by reaching out to the people outside their own little comfort zones. West says, “I don’t want to miss what matters, I wanna be reaching out.”

Okay, so we have a problem AND the answer. If you don’t want to miss out, then do something about it! Reach out to people around you and discover new things about them.


4. In my own court 

So, throughout the song, Matthew West tries to make the song personal to our lives be using a lot of personal pronouns and good visual examples. Maybe we should all take the hint and apply it to our lives.

“Why should I” you may ask. “Why does any of this matter to me?”

Because, back to living a fulfilled life, if we want true happiness, then we need to work for it. Nothing gets my mind off of myself like helping someone else. As West helped the homeless widow, he began to see that there were many people right around him that needed the compassion that he was learning to feel.

I agree with West’s cry:

“Put Your light in my eyes and let me see that my own little world is not about me. Give me open hands and open doors. . . Show me the greater purpose.”

Helping others equals living better for both you and the other person.


Why not give it a try and see where it might lead?


Song Lyrics: http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/lyrics/new/track.asp?track_id=14299

Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Yasgzjc0w

Photos: World in HandAlbum coverEarth and Hand on Grass.


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