Enjoy Life to the Full!!


Take the time to enjoy life! That is the advice that Liz Ward gave her readers through her blog “Stuffocation.” 

As a deaf journalist, blogger, creative writer, avid reader, and wife, Liz Ward blogs on a wide range of topics. As she said,

“I often focus on deafness and deaf identity, the writing life, feminism, women’s studies, body and self-acceptance, and the arts, although I will write about anything that interests me. I am passionate about access, equality and diversity…”

One of her posts that I have taken special notice of is her post evaluating the book Stuffocation: Living More With Less, by James Wallman. 

During her evaluation, she leads her readers to realize that enjoying life to the full requires effort… whether by just taking the time, by decluttering life, or by intentionally making little things important.

Ward began her blog post “Stuffocation” by talking about her own tendencies to want change and to be challenged, saying,  “I have a history of having a restless desire to re-invent things…  I enjoy being challenged in some way – to make something different, to try new skills, to change my approach when something isn’t working.”

Throughout her post, she suggested that we should utilize simple, ordinary activities just as much as large, elaborate activities. Little memories are sometimes the most important in the long run.

Ward says, “Experiences don’t need to be a big, overblown affair – they can be the simple things in life, appreciated more fully.”

home movie night
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Ward explains that small things like “having a home-made movie night, or meeting people in a public place” can be made into an experience that is truly enjoyable, while still being inexpensive. 

Besides the advice Ward gives, she also has the ability to write in a way that makes the reader appreciate life. She often writes in a way that presents a problem, but then solves it in the end. This specific tendency is very easily seen in her blog posts “Waiting,” and “Being A Deaf Writer.”

Ward continually takes Wallman’s advice and puts it into her own words, giving examples and implementation ideas.

hot cocoa
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The way Ward talks about her experiences and life stories also creates a bond with her readers. As I have experienced, this lets her readers get used to and learn to love Ward. She was easy for me to connect to on an emotional level because of the stories she shares.

By specifically pointing out simple ways to enjoy life, she creates an example that her readers can easily follow. She says, “Making these choices is something you can fit in with who you are and what you enjoy, and what you like doing with your friends and family.” By giving easily applicable examples of how to live life more fully, she makes the concepts personal and motivating.

In the words of Wallman, “Take advantage of all the opportunities available today.”

Throughout Ward’s entire blog, she uses images and writing styles to emphasize her subjects. In “Stuffocation,” the one picture that really sticks out to the reader is the photo of a full glass cup of hot cocoa, with a huge pile of marshmallows on the top. Although subtle, the image does a wonderful job at helping the reader to understand the idea of enjoying the little things in life.

enjoy life
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Life is full of experiences which have to be intentionally enjoyed in order to truly get the most out of life.

Yeah, it might be a challenge, but… Anything worth having involves a challenge.

Take the time to enjoy life! 

Liz Ward’s Blog Cats and Chocolate:  “Stuffocation” and “Welcome to Cats and Chocolate” 

Photo heading: “Enjoy the little things…”

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